Foundation Statement

The Maue Kay Foundation
a non profit 501(c) (3) charitable foundation formed in 2004 by John Kay and Jutta Maue Kay
supports individuals and organizations
engaged in the protection of

      rn recent years, whether at home in North America or through travels in other parts of the world, we've increasingly come in contact with people whose efforts to protect Wildlife, the Natural Environment and Human Rights* are an inspiration to us. Providing financial assistance for their various projects is the primary mission of the Maue Kay Foundation. However we also hope to enlist additional support for their exemplary work, through the information, images and video clips, featured on our various project pages. Each page contains a link to the organization in question, in case you wish to obtain additional information, including how to make direct contributions, please point your mouse at the titled images on the left to view the listed project pages.

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We believe Human Rights include:
              freedom of expression
                      freedom from oppression
                                      freedom from hunger
                                                  and the right to basic education and health care.